FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

You can do this either by clicking the “Add to cart” or “Make offer” button, the “Make offer” button
requires our action, once an offer from you has been accepted it will automatically be added to your
shopping cart, next step for you is to complete checkout.

In case you pay with PayPal you are automatically covered by PayPal buyer protection, this is even
valid if the shipment is lost/stolen during transit. We are using a very safe packing method, we do not
declare “coins” and we use most of the time FedEx which is one of the most reliable carriers.

Yes, the item shown in the picture is the one you will receive!

We guarantee that the item is authentic if nothing else stated!

You can always return non-certified items, you will receive a full refund, this is not valid for
NGC/PCGS certified items

Yes you can pay with your credit card doing the checkout through PayPal, a direct link for credit card
payments will be provided in the near future.

Yes you can, but the items will only be shipped to registered PayPal address, PayPal delivery address
has to be changed in your PayPal addresses if you wish to receive your items to different location.

Yes you can pay by bank transfer either to our EURO or SEK account, payment instruction will be
provided on your invoice if you select this payment method.

Yes you can, but to do this you need to contact us.

No, we do not offer credit, all items must be paid in full before shipping.

Yes you can, but to do this you need to contact us.

After you paid, your item(s) will be dispatched, once there is a tracking number you will be notified
by email with tracking information, on your invoice you will have the tracking number and a link to the
carrier, you can simply click on this link and you are able to see the status of your shipment.

You will receive a full refund!

We will of course exchange your item to the correct one or give you your money back.

Yes, shipping cost and service fee for CC/PP, no service fee for bank transfers.